About PowerTECH

Company Culture


Our vision

We strive to become a trustworthy, technology leading and world leading manufacturing enterprise in semiconductor assembly and test industry!


Our mission

We devote ourselves to provide professional semiconductor assembly and test equipment and solution to clients all over the world. We keep on improving productivity in order to creative more value for our clients, employees, share holders and society.

Our core values:

Customer Focused

People Oriented

Cooperative and Synergized

Open and Enterprising



Do more for semicon China

No.16 Guangming Ave., Guangdong New Light
Source Industrial Base,Luocun,Nanhai District,
Tel:+86 757 83207313
Fax:+86 757 83208786

PowerTECH Worldwide

The company has developed its reputation and gained significant market share in China and Asia.

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