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广西快乐10分全包计划:XIAN National Design Industrial Center-- The Analog IC Test Technology Seminar has been hold successfully

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XIAN National Design Industrial Center and Powertech Co.,Ltd which is the IC tester supplier have hold The Analog IC Test Technology Seminar on June 15th.  . There were 50 people who came from the local famous university, research lab and the IC Company, attending the seminar.

Firstly, the representative of XIAN National Design Industrial Center made a brief introduction of the IC industry situation. Secondly, Powertech sales director Edward Zhu, gave a detailed explanation of their company and products. After that, the technicians shared the experience with the people in the fields of triggering measurement methods, parallel multi-point sampling time measurement, vector editing of simulator pieces, and automatic detection of peak automatic detection. 

During the break time, the two parties have made a deep conversation and exchanged the information with each other in order to lay a solid foundation for their further cooperation. 

    It was successful to hold this seminar which was based on the demands of enterprises in testing technology and the development of ShanXi semiconductor industry. 


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