QuickView Vision System
Orientation Inspection Station
3D Inspection Station
Marking Inspection Station
Tape Seal Station


QuickView Vision SystemMarking Inspection Station

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  • It provides four stations of vision inspection.

  • Fulfill the production speed requirement of fastest handler, with complete position inspection scenarios:3D station; Mark, Lead and Package station; Tape Seal station; Orientation station.

  • The system could work with various handlers and cover devices such as SOT23、SOD123、SOD323、SOD523、SOD923、SMA、SMB、SMC、SOD882(1006)、TO92、TO252、SOD129、MBS、SOP8L etc.

  • It comes with Chinese/English user interface and multi-level access is avaliable.

  • Camera parameters such as Shutter Time, Optical Gain, Contrast Ratio, Bulb Luminance, are programmable.

  • QV series vision inspection system is developed for various device package in semiconductor industry,it conducts high precision vision inspection on lead (2D,3D)and package surface defect.

Inspect surface information(mixed、extra mark、excess mark、no mark、missing、tilted、double、shifted mark、scratched、illegibility、broken etc)
Basic  configuration
CCD camera、Industry lens、LED light source、Mechanical structure parts .
SI test
Minimum area 0.7mm*0.7mm,the overall average gray level difference is more than 40 .

Testing standards


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