QT-9000 Series
VLSI Test System QT-9000
QT-8000 Series
IC Analog & Digital Mixed Signal IC test System (Cable Mount) QT-8100
Analog & Digital Mixed Signal IC Test System (Direct Mount) QT-8200
QT-7000 Series
IC Test System QT-7100
Digital IC Test System QT-7200
QT-6000 Series
Hi-Speed Discrete Test System QT-6000
QT-5000 Series
Semiconductor Discrete Test System QT-5000
QT-4000 Series
Semiconductor Discrete Test System QT-4000
General Test System TB-14
QT-3000 Series
EAS Test System QT-3101B
Thermal Resistance Test System QT-3102
MOSFET General Test System QT-3201A

Test System

QT-7000 SeriesIC Test System QT-7100

广西快乐10分app:IC Test System QT-7100

广西快乐10分怎样开奖号码 www.fetva.icu · QT-7100 analog IC tester is for IC regular DC/ AC parameters test and combined logic function test etc.

·Application: Power management Combined logic digital IC AutomotiveR33;R33;Standard linear ASIC Diodes array,Multi-pin-discrete-device) etc.

Analog Major Technical Parameters

Channel Card Voltage/Current Channel Accuracy Digitizer AWG
APU 8-30 ±30V/200mA 8/16 0.05% 200Ksps
APU 16-30
APU 32-20 20V/80mA 32 0.05%
APU 8-100 ±100V/100mA 8 0.05%
PVI 1000 -300V~+1000V/30mA 2 0.1%
PVC 40-30A ±40V/30A 2 0.1%
PVC 40 ±40V/20A 2 0.1%
PVC 120 ±120V/10A 2 0.1%
PMS 2/4 Force AC 10V Sine 2/4 0.05% 10KHz(18bit)
Measure DC 0-200V 2/4 0.01% 1MHz(18bit)
TMU 2/4 0.5% \ \
內置DSP 2/4 FFT、Average、Vrms

Above technical parameters are subject to change without prior notice. All rights reserved by PowerTECH.


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