QT-9000 Series
VLSI Test System QT-9000
QT-8000 Series
IC Analog & Digital Mixed Signal IC test System (Cable Mount) QT-8100
Analog & Digital Mixed Signal IC Test System (Direct Mount) QT-8200
QT-7000 Series
IC Test System QT-7100
Digital IC Test System QT-7200
QT-6000 Series
Hi-Speed Discrete Test System QT-6000
QT-5000 Series
Semiconductor Discrete Test System QT-5000
QT-4000 Series
Semiconductor Discrete Test System QT-4000
General Test System TB-14
QT-3000 Series
EAS Test System QT-3101B
Thermal Resistance Test System QT-3102
MOSFET General Test System QT-3201A

Test System

QT-5000 SeriesSemiconductor Discrete Test System QT-5000

广西快乐10分通5遗漏:Semiconductor Discrete Test System QT-5000

广西快乐10分怎样开奖号码 www.fetva.icu R26;Small footprint hi-speed discrete device tester R26;Various Handlers supported with low/medium power discrete device high speed parallel testing. R26;Suitable device: Diode Transistor MOS-FET J-FET 3-terminals regulator. R26;Four quadrant V/I sources device protection during testing. R26;Integrated high-end oscilloscope features. R26;With 3+3 channel (MT system and ST system – two test systems inside a tester), max 600V/3A and supported for capacitance test.

QT-5000 Hardware Brief

  • High speed centralization data/signal processing via Industrial PC and PCI interfacing with THI, QVI, MUX, Test head and etc.
  • THI – Handler interface board
  • QVI – Four quadrant V/I source board
  • MUX – Multiplexing board
Advantage -Fully Symmetrical Structure
·Adopt the fully symmetrical structure and displace conventional mechanical relay with solid state relay.
·Enormously reduce the switching times of relay, which improve the system testing speed and reliability.


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