QT-9000 Series
VLSI Test System(Direct Mount) QT-9000
QT-8000 Series
Analog & Digital Mixed Signal IC test System (Cable Mount) QT-8100
Analog & Digital Mixed Signal IC Test System (Direct Mount) QT-8200
Analog & Digital Mixed Signal IC Test System(Cable Mount)QT-8100HP
QT-7000 Series
Digital IC Test System(Cable Mount)QT-7200
QT-6000 Series
Discrete Device Test System QT-6000
QT-4000 Series
Discrete Device Test System QT-4100
General Test System TB-14
QT-3000 Series
EAS Tester QT-3101
Thermoresistance Tester QT-3102
MOSFET RG/CG Test System QT-3107

Test System

QT-3000 SeriesThermoresistance Tester QT-3102

广西快乐10分钟开奖结果:Thermoresistance Tester QT-3102

广西快乐10分怎样开奖号码 www.fetva.icu QT-3102-XX Measuring device type: triodes FET IGBT diodes SCR (optional).

Major Technical Parameters



Step Current


Bias CurrentIE/IDS

0.01 to 20A/50A



Measuring Current IM

1 to 100mA

1 mA

1 to 39 mA
  ±1% + 0.2 mA
  40 to 100 mA ±3%

Threshold Voltage Gate-L

1.0 to 20.0V(±5V fixed initial value)



Power Consumption by time PT

bias power range 300 us to 200ms

1 us


Timelag DT

10 to 999 us

1 us

±1 us crystal

Upper limit/Lower limit

0 to 9999 mV

1 mV


0 to 999.9 mV




1 to 100V/200V

1 V

±0.2% + 0.1V

• Alternative current voltage: 20A / 100V, 20A/ 200V, 50A/ 200V

• PowerTECH reserves the right to modify these parameters without prior notice.


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